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Everyone does wish to stay fit, healthy and avoid that unwanted fat. But are we all successful in sporting the hour glass appearance if you are a female and six pack abs if you are a male? Who is the culprit? You got it. It is the calorie! If you have a holistic look at all the diets and weight loss plans, you will understand the underlying factor is calorie control. The recipe to loose weight is to cut the intake of excess calorie. Some of the weight loss programs tell you what diet to choose and what to avoid.

What is the right limit and where shall I stop?

Actually, calorie requirement varies from person to person and it depends on your age, weight, sex, extent of activity, rate of metabolism and lifestyle. You require 2000 calories a day if you are a female (adult) and 2500 calories, if an adult male. Of course, for persons with extra physical activity (sportsman) the requirement varies.

How can I achieve the target in loosing my excess weight?

  1. Will : If you have the mental will to loose weight, you are more likely to loose weight.
  2. Plan : Set a goal and work tirelessly till you reach it.
  3. Stay healthy : Stay away from fried and oily foods and prefer boiled foods instead.
  4. Eat slowly : Persons gulping their food are more likely to consume excess calorie than the one who takes time to chew his food (and keeps in mind his goal of staying fit and not fat!).
  5. Exercise : Never compromise with your daily exercise schedule (just like you won’t be happy to skip a meal) and make it a habit to walk at least 5 kilometers a day. Begin with a small target (distance to be covered) and slowly increase it to reach the target within a week and after that, stick to it.

To get healthy weight loss, add carrot in your daily diet with balanced food. Here is a recipe that makes you to loose your weight in a natural way.

carrot buttermilk juice

carrot image


  • Carrot - 2 medium size
  • Buttermilk - 2 cups
  • Salt - to taste


Cut the carrots into small pieces. Grind the carrot in a mixi without water. Then add buttermilk and salt and grind into smooth paste. And this should be in semi solid form.

Do not add sugar to this juice. Drink this juice in a empty stomach in the morning. Drink for a month then only you can feel healthy weight loss.

Stop drinking this juice when you get effective weight loss.

Note: Do not add sugar

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