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Chicken contains high protein compared with other non-vegetarian meat variety. Chicken can be made in different varieties of tastes and flavor. This site will guide most of the home maker to become a fantastic cook in chicken recipes.

In many non-vegetarian restaurants chicken is prepared in different tastes and different shapes.The recipes given in this site will teach you how to cook chicken with different taste in low cost. Now a days chicken is preferred by most of the non-vegetarians because of low fat. Chicken is very taste compared with other dishes.

When the chicken is prepared only with ginger it is named as 'ginger chicken' and when it is prepared only with garlic it is named as 'garlic chicken'. Most of the children like to eat 'chicken 65' and 'chicken biriyani'. '' will guide to cook easy and delicious 'chicken recipes'.

Percentage of calories present in chicken compared with other meat is given in the following table.

Meat type water content protein Fat Minerals Calori in 100 gms
Chicken 73.7 22.0 3.3 1.0 124.0
Mutton 71.5 19.5 7.5 1.5 145.0
Pork 69.5 19.5 9.5 1.0 170.0
Beef 69.5 21.5 8.0 1.0 160.0


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