tamil new year

The Varushappirappu is the Tamil New Year, the 13th of April is the beginning of the first month Chitthirai of the Tamil year (Nandhana chitthirai or Nandhana varudam). Varusham is the Tamil word for "year" and 'Pirappu' can be translated as the "birth" or "beginning" or "commencement" of an event. According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Creator of the world Lord Brahma started creation and Goddess Meenakshi got married to Lord Sundareswarar. On the Tamil New Year's Day, poojas are performed in various temples. This is an auspicious occasion for Tamilians (people of Tamil origin) living all over the world. People exchange greetings by wishing "Puthaandu Vazthukkal" - Happy New Year, with great passion.


People rise early in the morning and take bath and visit temple to pray for a prosperous and happy New Year. The women decorate the entrances of their houses with ‘Kolam’ (design made with rice flour) and the doorway with mango leaves. Sometimes, a decorated lamp kuthuvillakku is placed in the center of colorful Kolam to bring light to the house. People greet each other "Puthandu Vazthukal" with sweets which means Happy New Year. Another highlight of this festival is the preparation of MAANGA PACHIDI. It is a dish made of raw mangoes, jaggery and neem flowers, tasting sweet, sour and bitter one at the same time. This signifies all aspects of our life and tells us to face happiness and sorrow with equal ease. On this day several fairs and cultural programs are organised at different places all over the state. A grand Car Festival is held at Tiruvadamarudur near Kumbakonam every year on this day.



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